Imagine if you could add a team of digital marketing and web technology gurus to
your business. They could keep your website running smoothly and securely, freeing you up to focus on other things. Maybe they would even help brainstorm ways to improve your workflow, enhance your branding, or bring in more customers through web technology.

Oh wait, that’s what we do.

Site Savvy is a deluxe website service company that specializes in website design and management, online marketing, and branding.

Our goal is to make things as easy as possible for our clients by providing a simple, comprehensive service package that includes a free, top notch website. We act quickly and hands-on, both online and in person to give our clients the best experience possible no matter their needs.

We believe in transparency, constant learning, educating our clients, and raising the level of technology use in our rural business communities. Most of all, we are motivated by seeing our clients and communities succeed on their terms.

Our Core Values

People First.
We use web technology to empower our clients and fuel their success.

We want a diverse team of people who are operating from their strengths and find
their work fulfilling.

We embrace systems and automation that free us up to solve bigger problems and
provide better service.

We relentlessly serve others, but also protect our bottom line so that we can
sustainably serve for the long term.

We put the comfort of others above our own by being on time, responding promptly, and being thoughtful when we communicate.

We take time to decompress and relax. It’s essential that we celebrate our accomplishments and our clients’ too!

Meet The Team

Whether you’re local to Yakima and want to set up your first website or you’ve been
around for a few years and are ready to take the next step online, we want to hear
from you.


Skyler Young

Owner & Developer

As former owner of Wet-Hat Web Design, Skyler has 7 years of experience in website development and management. In addition to his website technology experience, he is also experienced in recording and making special film effects. His specialty is creating digital products designed for computers using computers.


Leah Lakey

Manager & Customer Care Director

As Site Savvy’s dedicated client communications expert, Leah is an outcome-focused team player who manages client projects and completes general business and marketing tasks. Continually focused on leadership mentorship and self-improvement, she takes any opportunity she can to learn more and empower clients to improve their workflows.


Keith Effler

Photographer & Lead Designer

As owner of Caffery Photo, Keith is a professional, university-trained designer and photographer who also serves as the Chair of the Aesthetics Board at Site Savvy. He specializes in business branding through custom graphics.