Imagine if you could add a team of dedicated digital natives to your business. What if they kept your website running smoothly and securely, freeing you up to focus on other things. Maybe they would even help brainstorm ways to improve your workflow or bring in more customers by using web technology.

Oh wait, that’s what we do.

The Team


Skyler Young

Owner & Developer

As former owner of Wet-Hat Web Design, Skyler has been project managing and developing websites for over 7 years. He also has experience recording and making special film effects. Creating things using computers, and for computers, has been a lifelong passion.


Leah Lakey

Manager & Customer Care Director

Currently, Leah is working towards receiving her business management degree and is also a partial owner of an independent local film company. Having a background in production and media, she has always been interested in the idea of creating within a business.


Keith Effler

Photographer & Lead Designer

Also owner of Caffery Photo, Keith is a professional, university-trained designer &  photographer and is Chair of the Board of Aesthetics here at Site Savvy.  Plus - he’s a really fun guy and can’t wait to help you with your new website!