Get the perfect website for your business.

But more importantly, have a team that keeps it going.

What is a Managed Website?

Having a managed website means that you are getting not only the website itself, but also a team of experts who do everything from update content and add pictures, to making it Search Engine Friendly and making sure you don't get hacked. Our mission is to give you an awesome website with no head-ache attached.

Why do I need a managed website for my non-profit?

You will save a ton of time, and most likely get a better product than you could create on your own. We have years of experience working with websites on our team, and that means we know the best tools and methods to use. The value of a website is indisputable; the value of your Site Savvy website is even better.

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What our websites can do for you:

  • Take donations.
  • List and display events.
  • Take registrations for events.
  • Capture volunteers.
  • Display galleries of pictures.
  • Provide location and/or contact info.
  • Link to resources for those in need.

Some features of our website service:

  • Proactive help from our team
  • Mobile phone and Tablet friendly
  • Custom Designed
  • Easy to use for you and your viewers
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Optimized to help you meet your goals
  • Fast page load speeds high security
  • Daily backups to keep your investment safe


The Bottom Line:

We are a team of cheerful people on call to help you succeed. We make your website more effective and save you a ton of time. Send us a message or give us a call, we're looking forward to meeting you!

(509) 941-2750

Meet the Experts


Skyler Young

As owner and developer, Skyler has been project managing and developing websites for over 5 years.


Leah Lakey

As manager and customer care direction, Leah is working towards receiving her business management degree.


Keith Effler

Keith is a professional, university-trained designer & photographer and is Chair of the Board of Aesthetics here at Site Savvy.


Sabra Nelson

Sabra, our social media manager, has had designing marketing and media opportunities for many years.


Isaac Lewis

Isaac, our sales director, has a passion for solving real-world business problems with simple, bullet-proof technologies.